Spooner G feat LIL BiTCH FURRYBALLS - Rob G Reppin My Block feat. Lil Keke & Slim Thug

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Весь репертуар Spooner G feat LIL BiTCH

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Lil Bitch
Spooner G, Spooner G

You know we be on that hood shit all night
Every day
All night
5 dollars

[Yung Lean (Lil Bitch)]
Faggot ass bitch
You ain't iced out
I shine at nighttime like you think it's bright out

Lil Bitch on this shit
And I smoke on that good shit
Smoke so much you would call me Robin Hood ?

Lil Bitch in this bitch
Fucking yo mother and shit
Popping 2 pills then I pop your pills

Yeah I got the hiccups, now I smoke my bitch up
Smack her in the face
Lil Bitch, you would think I'm a disgrace

But I like punching bitches in their vaginas all day
Smoking on the good shit, you would call me Ray J
But this ain't payday
Getting money all day
Fucking bitches all the time, every day, all night

Came up in the club just to smoke that good shit
Lil Bitch and Spooner G, all up on that hood shit
Fucking bitches in the face, what it do?
Came up in the club to kill your whole crew


[Spooner G]

Getting free money
Eating ramen
Eating curry, my balls are furry

Mixing champagne with mary jane
Don't complain cause I'm insane
I'm the mane
People call me Lil Wayne, that's not my name

I'm Spooner G
Son of Bruce Lee
Reading Hamlet and Macbeth
Better than Heisenberg cooks meth
He cooks that blue shit
But I'm into that purple shit

Sippin' on some codeine
Crossing swords
Wit Yung Lean

Fuck her ass, it's milky white
This is the rhythm of the night

[Hook x3]

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Rob G Reppin My Block feat. Lil Keke & Slim Thug

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