Gangster Love

Blue System А. Серов - Сюзанна Gangster Love - Blue System - Gangster Love

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Oh, she said voulez-vous
Shes a lady too
A broken heart babe, its late
I said oh mon amour
A midnight rendez-vous
Out of side
Out of mind
Out of dreams

Oh, youre killing me with gangster love
Youre giving me a hang-over
Im feeling like a broken toy
Oh lie, oh lie a lonely boy
You couldnt been without gangster love
Im shouting out its far enough
Youre breaking me to dead for joy
Oh lie, oh lie a broken boy

I save my love for you
Crazy like you do
Smoke without fire, lady
An endless heart to do
Oh, Im missing you
Out of side
Out of mind
Out of dreams

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Blue System - Gangster Love

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